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The Whims Of Fate
I sort of finished this costume, but my sewing machine died before I could fix everything I want ;w; And I don't have a place to shoot this so I did this in front of my fridge LOL 
wow i updated here omg
I recently got into Killing Stalking, and it's a great read! Highly recommend if you can stomach gore and immoral actions!
-I do not and will not endorse psychotic behaviors or abusive relationships, this is only fiction-

So i did a costest for Yoonbum and also made a scenario photo collage thing ;w; 
what do you think?? :D


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Aristo Mercu
United States
I just really love cosplaying ;w; and food. I want to travel all over the world and experience different communities of cosplayers and sample their food!!!

Coscom :

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Lightning (FFXIII)
White (Pokemon)
Kurama ( YYH)
Aqua (KH BBS)
Gakupo Setsugetsuka (Vocaloid)
Riku (KHII)
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Kanda Yu, 3rd uniform (D.Gray-Man)
Ryou Bakura (YuGiOh)
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Ada Wong ( Resident Evil 6)
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Jinguji Ren Maji Love 2000% (Uta no Prince-sama)
Lightning Farron (Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns)
Haven't updated in months besides random photos, my fault, sorry ._.

So Katsucon 2013 was pretty fun. The MAGI group I had going sort of fell apart, but we did gain back the characters we needed via super awesome fellow MAGI cosers, so we still had the photos we wanted ^^
I 'm actually still waiting on one shoot still, though I really don't think i 'll ever be getting them. Getting kind of tired searching for photographers who are willing to shoot...not their faults i 'm sure, just the process is pretty tiring. AMNESIA group fell apart as well, though the few who did show up, I made sure had a lot of fun during the shoot, even though there were some tragic incidents happening. I feel kind of bad that I couldn't participate in the shoot, but at least I can contribute in some way :)

Skipping forward to ANEXT, it was what i expected, a con that is poorly organized, squished into the tiny Somerset con center, where 90% of the con was outdoors so getting a ticket is pointless. Probably the last time i 'll be attending, gotta broaden my horizons and such with cons ^^ I wore Hanayome Miku for friday, but it was pouring so 99% of the shots i wanted to do, couldn't happen. So I was an unhappy bummed person in pain due to the veil and contacts bothering me ;w; luckily had some friends who cheered me up by the second half of the day by letting me crash their room hurhurhur. Wore fem Squall on saturday with a full genderbent FF group which was really fun, though super hot (wearing leather is a pain in sunlight). Photoshooted my friend who I hadn't seen in MONTHS, who debuted her Lightning cosplay :heart: she's mad cool yo. Went home a day early because ANEXT was such a bore, and offers nothing in entertainment, from the con or the people.

Otakon happened about a month ago, and I had the most fun there out of the entire year, which is surprising since I kind of don't like the location. My hotel room was at The Royal Sonesta, probably the most beautiful hotel I 've ever stayed in *_* you can probably tell from the name it was really nice. The hotel had a victorian/mid eastern theme, inspired by aristocratic locations, yet the rooms were large and affordable! I roomed with my buddies :iconlouixa: and Sha-quana, and others. Absolutely no drama, everyone got along excellently and was awarded with beautiful memories of a great time together. 
The con was pretty good, aside from the fact that all my friends had to line up for hours for the TMR and Yoko Kanno concerts ( though they did tell me it was worth it so...). It was also the first con where I did serious photography with people who I did not know, or was friends with prior to the shoot. It was a very enlightening and fun experience, besides a couple of blips. Wore Sinbad on friday, did more shoots for people than for myself, and basically lazed around til 4pm where Louixa and I tried to quickly change into Masato and Ren from UTAPRI, but took too long so we had to reschedule the shoot for Sunday (Thank you Katie for forgiving us!), so while dressed in UTAPRI, we walked around the outdoor fountains and had an impromptu shoot happen with Louixa's friend Charles (thanks for that!) and got some foooodddddd, since we hadn't eaten all day. Then afterward, we attempted another AMNESIA shoot where I finally cosed as Ikki :heart: we lost two members, but we had fun nonetheless, so we didn't really need them. 
The whole point was so I can finally cos with my friends from a series that I love but know nothing about (HAH none of us really cared). Saturday I finally wore Serah from FF13-2, and I didn't feel nearly as self conscious as I thought i would. A lot of fellow ff13 cosplayers greeted me enthusiastically and even had me join some of their shoots, which I was really happy about. (There was this cute Snow cosplayer who was the perfect was so canon, don't laugh at me SHHH ) my awesome friend :iconkey0fdestiny13: was my awesome Noel and we had some great shots taken together! Near the end of the day though, I had gotten this terrible migraine which forced me to go back to my hotel room to change out of Serah and lay down a bit. Probably from the lack of food and me exerting myself for shoots and wearing new contacts. My roommate Michelle however, gave me a whole body massage to try to help me, and it really did work. Moments like that helps me prove that happiness and laughter really can cure anything. I did an impromptu shoot for a friend's FFX-2 group which looked super awesome btw, and finally went to bed. 
Sunday I wore UTAPRI's Jinguji Ren Maji Love 2000%, and actually had a client who was dressed as Kotobuki Reiji! That was a lot of fun, we ended up hanging out for most of the con since Masato was off waiting in line for Yoko Kanno. Since it was the last day, I splurged a bit and bought a bunch of UTAPRI keychains ( which i 'm never using, don't want my babies getting scratched up) and then had our rescheduled shoot with Katie Sivits! Got the photos back recently and they look amazing :heart: I 'm still sad that it's over, but next year will probably be the flashiest year yet for me *_*

I have become more aware of how other countries' cosplay communities are much more tight knit than America's, most likely because of the country's size and vastness. While America has several cons going on year round, other places most likely only have around 2-6 cons a year. I 'm sort of yearning for that closeness, I feel as though the community I am in now are so wary of each other, worrying over popularity and support on facebook. The cosplay community is changing, and I don't know if it's in a good way, especially now that the general populace is now aware of it via Heroes of Cosplay, and is forming a judgement on it. I personally don't care about it, and to those who hate and throw shit on it, remember. It's a reality show. It's more scripted than your first resume. 

I think what I 'm trying to say is that I want to do more fun and happy things, with people who also want to do more fun and happy things. No need for competition, no more drama, no more discrimination over size and looks, no more sexism, no more scandals, no more bullshit. But this isn't a perfect world, and all I can do, is to keep trying to reach toward the goal of having a great time with great people :heart:

Wow this post is all over the place >__> 
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